WIN YOUR NEXT FIGHT. Transform your body & UNLEASH your potential as a martial artist!
James Pretty - BJJ Hobbyist
I train BJJ to stay fit and keep the weight off. I was finding myself getting injured regularly and wanted to keep up with some of the younger lads at the gym. I've been working with the Fighters Strength for the last 6 months. Im getting stronger and my grappling game is improving.
Greg Lindsey - BJJ Competitor & Marketing Manager
I worked with the Fighters Strength during the build up for my last Jiu-Jitsu competition. I was fighting in a lower weight class, but wanted to keep as much strength and possible. At the start of my program everything was explained to me, and we had regular meetings to track my progress and make and adjustments.
Hundreds of martial artists have already Optimized their athletic performance.
See what they have to say:
After a 1-2-1 consultation, we will design you a custom 12-Week martial arts strength & conditioning program.
Every program is designed after a 1-2-1 consultation & is specific to YOUR GOALS as a martial artist.
How we will TRANSFORM your martial arts performance in 12-Weeks:
#1 Fighters Strength Consultation.
#2 Program Design & Delivery.
#3 SMASH you martial arts goals.
  • Your Martial Arts Goals - Your program will be based on your martial arts goals & aspirations. EVERY martial artists strength & conditioning program will be different.
  • Your Experience Level - A beginner BJJ practitioner looking to reduce the chance of sustaining injuries will need a completely different training & nutrition protocol to a MMA fighter preparing for a fight. We will discuss your martial arts experience and to tailor your strength & conditioning plan. 
  • Your Training Schedule - You strength & conditioning program will be tailored around your martial arts schedule. Helping you achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS in minimal time.
  • Exercise Program - Based around your consultation, we will design you a custom strength & conditioning program. The program will be tailored towards your martial arts goals & experience level.
  • Nutrition Protocol - We don't believe in restrictive or fad diets. Your nutrition protocol will be tailored towards your martial arts goals & activity levels.
  • Guides & Resources - To help, we will send you our expert guides that include, "Recovery for MMA", "Supplements For MMA" and "Recipies for MMA fighters".
  • Program Support - If you have any questions throughout your program, our expert coaches are available to help!
  • Updated Guides & Resources - Will will give you access to our updated & new guides & E-books FREE FOR LIFE.
After purchasing your program, you will have your initial 1-2-1 consultation. We would prefer you to jump on a video call with one of our coaches, but you can also book a phone call or fill out our comprehensive online questionnaire. 

We will discuss the following topics:
Our aim at the Fighters Strength is to improve your health, reduce stress during training and ensure your athletic performance is optimal.
Our mission is as strong as it is simple: To help martial artists perform to the best of their potential. 

Our 12-Week fitness program will transform your body & mind. As a result, our clients thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Our expert coaches will work 1-on-1 with you to transform your body & feel great whilst living a busy & successful lifestyle.
# ABOUT - Fighters Strength.
# ABOUT ME - Gaz Davies.
Hi I'm Gaz and I'm the founder of Fighters Strength.

I live in London U.K working as a strength & conditioning coach for martial artists when I'm not traveling and exploring martial arts around the world.

Over the last 15 years, I've travelled the world and competed in multiple martial arts whilst exploring new cultures. 
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